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KEEPER BALM, The Original Goalkeeper Glove Balm


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Goalkeeper Glove Balm:

  • ★ Enhances & restores grip in old and new goalkeeper gloves
  • ★100% effective in dry and wet conditions.
  • ★Tested on all brands of goalkeeper gloves.
  • ★30x longer lasting than glove sprays
  • ★Increases the operation life of goalkeeper gloves, indefinitely (with proper care)

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KEEPER BALM® goalkeeper glove balm seals the pores of the latex foam palms much the way spit and water do, but doesn't contain minerals (like in spit and tap water) that will eventually dry out the latex. Using goalkeeper glove balm on a regular basis will ensure that your goalkeeper gloves grip like new, for the life of your gloves.

KEEPER BALM® keeps your gloves gripping like new, indefinitely!

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Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 cm